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The World Service Office website has many valuable resources:

  • To find general information about Nar-Anon or find other meetings worldwide –
    World Service Office
  • If you want to review or order literature from the World Service Office – Once on the WSO Nar-Anon Webstore, individual items can be located by clicking on the ‘Categories’ link on the left hand side of the page, or by entering the title in the ‘Search our store’ box at the bottom of the page.  Once the individual item is found, a brief description of the item is included.
    Nar-Anon Literature
  • The 12th Step says we should “carry this message to others”.  We do this by spreading the word about Nar-Anon using Outreach Literature.  Materials can be found by going to the following on the WSO website:
    Nar-Anon Outreach

    (All Outreach Literature may by photocopied for distribution.)
  • If you are interested in Service Literature, click the link below. Service Literature includes the ‘Guide to Local Services’, ‘Guide to World Services’ plus other information. This information can be printed directly from the WSO website.
    Service Literature
  • To look at past and current ‘Serenity Connections’ newsletters –
    Serenity Connections  

    (If you are interested in having the newsletter sent to you via e-mail, insert your e-mail address into the “Subscribe to the Serenity Connection” box on this page and click “Subscribe”.

To participate in a Nar-Anon on-line Forum, click on the following:

Other Nar-Anon websites are listed below: (Nar-Anon Midwest is not responsible for these websites.)


In keeping with our spiritual principles and Tradition 6, we are not affiliated with Narcotics Anonymous.  In the spirit of cooperation the following websites are shown for your convenience: