Commitment / Experience of Leaders

Commitment – It is important that 2 or more people commit to at least one year when starting a meeting.  You want to ensure that someone will cover for the meeting in case of illness, vacation, etc.  It is also important to support each other when low member attendance or other challenges arise.

Experience – Ideally, both people will have many months working the Nar-Anon program and will have attended many meetings at other locations.  It is understandable that if you are in a smaller city or rural area with no other meetings within driving distance, that you may not have this experience.  Experience in Al-Anon or other 12 step programs would be helpful if Nar-Anon experience isn’t available.

It is also advisable that you have contact with others that have started meetings or have been active in the program for many years – someone that you can call for advice when problems arise.  Being active in the Region will help in making these contacts.

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