Finding a Location, Day and Time for Meeting

The majority of our meetings are held in churches, but other facilities are also available i.e. hospitals, community buildings, NCADD facilities, and others.  It is important to find a location that views your meetings as a service to the community rather than just wanting to rent out space.  Many facilities will simply ask for donations rather than expect a certain amount every month.

Other factors to consider when looking for a location are:

  • Ease of finding facility from major highways and intersections
  • Parking availability during meeting time
  • Ease of finding meeting room from parking area
  • Attractiveness and comfort of meeting area
  • Availability of a small storage space for meeting materials
  • Potential for growth as your meeting attendance grows

When considering a viable location, you also want to consider the ‘day of the week’ that you will hold the new meeting as well as the ‘meeting time’.  If there are other meetings in the area, you might want to have the meeting on a different day so that you won’t be competing for the same potential members.  When considering a meeting time, it is suggested that you pick a time that is convenient for the majority of people that might attend i.e. early evening during the week.

Some facilities will require a Certificate of Insurance.  If a Certificate of Insurance is needed for your meeting location, you can contact the WSO via:
WSO Contact Page
They will be happy to provide the Certificate of Insurance for you.  They will send the owners of the facility this document as well as update it as required.

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