The Midwest Region represents Nar-Anon Family Group Meetings in Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas and Missouri For a listing of the meeting time and day, location with map and special notes, please go to each state’s meetings page.

If there is not a meeting that is close to where you live or if you are in need of support and can’t wait until the next meeting in your area, it is suggested that you use one of the following methods to seek help:

  • Use the Nar-Anon Family Groups Forum for support.  This Forum has many different topics concerning addiction that are discussed in detail plus there are also online meetings.   After you Register – Login, you can participate in topic discussions and attend the online meetings.  Information about online meetings is found under Nar-Anon Recovery Forum – Main.
  • Search for Al-Anon meetings in your area.  Al-Anon is an excellent program that uses basically the same steps that are used in Nar-Anon.  The main difference between the programs is that Al-Anon is primarily for those affected by someone else’s alcohol use where Nar-Anon is for those affected by someone else’s addiction.  To find Al-Anon Meetings in your area, click on the following and enter your City/State, Zip Code or County/State:  Al-Anon Meetings Locator
  • Go to the Contact Us page of this website, fill out the form and someone will contact you either via email or by phone.

To find Nar-Anon Meetings in other parts of the country or world, go to Find a Meeting on the World Service Website.