Member Shares – Working the Steps

Its the steps…

If I am honest open-minded and willing the steps will save my life and invite a loving, caring power greater than myself to have influence in all my affairs…

If I truly believed my loved one was powerless over this cunning baffling and powerful disease how would that affect my attitude and reaction to the circumstances?

If I came to believe that there was a power, spiritual and real in nature that restores sanity to the powerless and provides power… what would I be willing to do to tap into that help?

If I honestly came to the point of realizing that many of the perspectives and premises, underlying my relationships and behavior were distorted by fear, shame  and hurt; were destructive to me and overflowed to others, would I be willing to accept the loving, compassionate guidance of a power outside myself to be lead on a different path of light and peace?

Am I willing to turn my focus on myself to discover my motivation, my fears, my default reactions, in order to be able to know my why’s so I may  choose and respond rather than always react and be sent realing by circumstances outside of myself or not of my choosing.

Am I willing to try trust, to tell my truth to another who will simply listen with compassion and not judge as I release the secrets and hurts that keep me tied up in fear?

Am I willing to look at this inventory of mine and honestly consider all  the reactions of mine that are not helping me be at peace with myself or others.

Am I willing to accept my powerlessness over my compulsions, habits and reactions and seek the help of a power greater than myself to remove these flaws that keep me hurt and hurting…

Am I willing to honestly accept my part in my relationships and acknowledge others have been hurt and harmed by me?

Am I willing to do my best with God’s help and guidance to make my part in my relationships healthier now and choose to change.

Am I willing to humble myself and directly, honestly do my best to make my relationship to others right?

Am I willing to maintain my personal freedom on a daily basis by examining myself? Asking what is going on in me…

Am I willing to continue to seek the loving care and guidance of God in all my affairs, seeking knowledge of his will for me and His power to carry it out.

Am I willing to allow this message to overflow from my life into the lives of others in service by honestly, simply sharing my experience strength and hope out of gratitude for what God has done and continues to do in and for me…

Do I realize that is enough to change my life one baby step at a time.